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Bradford - Why Do Evolve Trade There?

The city of Bradford lies 8.6 miles west of Leeds in West Yorkshire. The population of Bradford is just short of 294,000 making it the 13th highly populated settlement in the UK.

Famous people from Bradford include: David Hockney, JB Priestley, Adrian Edmonson, the Bronte family, Gareth Gates, Kimberley Walsh, Sir Titus Salt and the composer Frederick Delius.

Bradford has always been centred on industry and commerce, in the 19th century it became an international centre in the textile industry, most notably in the wool trade. This attracted investment and migration; the city was booming!

If you walk around the city centre you can still see some beautiful Victorian architecture. Little Germany still maintains some character of years gone by when Bradford was a boom town of the industrial revolution.

Since the decline of the textile industry, Bradford has had to adapt and look at new areas to attract visitors and investment. Famous landmarks such as Salts Mill, The National Media Museum and Cartwright Hall ensure the city has a steady tourism industry.

So why did Evolve choose Bradford as our base? Well, all 3 directors were born and bred in the city and want to remain loyal to the place they are from but also there are opportunities you get in Bradford that are more absent in other places.

Bradford has a number of large companies whose head office is based here. You would think that they would choose Leeds but Bradford is in transition. There is currently a city centre regeneration project ongoing which will attract yet more new and existing businesses to have a base here. Also, the rental demands lower prices than cities like Leeds and Manchester - so Bradford is the city for us.

Web design in Bradford certainly has a future!

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