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Paying monthly for your new website is fast becoming the latest trend in the world of web design & development.

Often referred to as website leasing, start-up companies are seeing great benefits by paying for their websites monthly as there is no initial cost upfront. More established businesses can also benefit from this service as it helps with cash flow and also reduces the risk if they are launching a new product or service that they need a website for.

Pay monthly websites What can Evolve offer me/my company?

Here at Evolve we offer a website leasing service from only 59 per month which includes web hosting and support. This would be for a standard 5 page website and would be a minimum 6 month contract after which there will be an option to buy the site outright. If you are looking for a more complex site, you could have our most comprehensive package for only 110 per month with a minimum 18 month contract with an option to buy the site outright after that.

Website leasing is it for me?

Website leasing is for you if:

  1. You are a start-up company who does not want to spend any money upfront on their new site
  2. You are an established company who is operating on a strict budget

The beauty about leasing a website is that you can add/drop/change features as you go along, as a comprehensive customer service and technical support packages are included with all leased sites, we are always on hand to mould your site around your business helping it to grow and prosper.

We believe this service proves that Evolve Web Solutions are sticking around, we are here to produce your perfect website and are flexible enough to work to YOUR budget.

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