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Web hosting is the process of making your website accessible via the internet. Web hosting companies allocate server space for the webmaster to upload their files and images in order for a web browser to display the site around the world.

Files and images can be uploaded to the server via FTP or a web-based admin panel with an upload function. FTP is the most preferable method as multiple files can be transferred at once which saves time if your site is not content managed.

When looking for a company to host your website, itís important to look at their uptime figures. Some downtime is necessary for things like server upgrades and maintenance but you want to look for a company offering at least 99.9% uptime meaning your site will only be down for a maximum of 45 minutes per month.

Web hosting can start from as little as £40 per year but at this kind of price range you may not get all the features you need to run a technically sound website. Look for a feature rich hosting package from a company you can trust.

There are different types of hosting packages available. These include free web hosting where your allocated space will be very limited, your site will contain adverts and your web address is generally long and poor (and usually includes the host's name). The second type is a shared web hosting system which is a number of different sites all placed on the same server - this is by far the most popular package to have. The final type is a dedicated server where the webmaster is in complete control but typically rents the physical server rather than buying it, this saves upgrade and maintenance costs but still offers the flexibility needed by some web designers or webmasters.

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