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Web Design and Web Development - What are the Differences?

A web designer is generally the name given to an individual or company who produce websites, but there is more to producing a website than just the front end design element. In this article we aim to explain the main differences between web design and web development.

Web Design

Web design is generally the front end of a website - the design element is the colour schemes, the navigation and all the features that the average web user will use to find his/her way through the site and enjoy the experience of the site.

The design starts with a colour scheme, normally matched to the clients logo or company brand image, then the navigation system is decided. The design will normally change once the site is under way as the client will develop new ideas or come up with alternatives if they don't like the first proof. Once the design work is done and the proof is approved, the web developers step in and make the site really work from the back end.

Web Development

The web developers are the ones who code the back end, create all the interactive features like customer logins, order processing and analytic work. Without this element of the site, the user experience will be poor and the stunning design will be wasted.

Web development can also be a longer project than just a back end of a website. Popular sites you use on a daily basis like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Flickr would not be where they are today without their web development team and specialist engineers making the site really 'work'.

Web Design, Web Development and Evolve Web Solutions

Here at Evolve we have specialist design consultants as well as expert web coders who between them can take your idea and turn it into a feature rich, visually stunning website.

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