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Web Design - Do You Need to Spend a Fortune?

This article is to help you decide whether you need to spend a fortune on web design or if a budget site would suit your needs.

The first thing to think about is how much your business will rely on it's website to trade and/or generate new business. If you are thinking of selling products online then of course you need an online shop. At Evolve we offer 2 online shop eCommerce packages - a basic one and a more interactive one, have a look at our packages section to see which one would suit you best, there is no point in spending a greater amount of money if you don't need the functionality of the interactive package. When it comes to online shop design, our websites are built from the ground up and coded from scratch so you can pick and choose the features you need tailored around your business.

The second thing you need to think about is what functionality you need. We're not specifically talking about an eCommerce site here, this applies to all types of websites. Do you need an image gallery to show off some of your work? A contact form so potential clients can send you a message through your website? You may also need things like customer logins and repeat orders etc...

The third thing you must consider is converting your site traffic into paying customers. If your website looks dated and is not user friendly you will get less enquiries than if it's easy to use and looks visually appealing. This applies to all websites and it counts for a lot no matter what industry you are trading in.

Evolve Web Solutions are here to help you make all these decisions and build your website to suit your business needs. Our aim is to help your business grow through the implementation of your site and online solutions.

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