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7 Tips for SEO Success

Ensure your domain has the correct TLD for the country you’re trying to target

If your customer base is most likely to be in the UK, aim to optimize (SEO) your site for google.co.uk and have a .co.uk domain name. Also aim to host your site from UK based servers.

Include keywords in your domain name

If you are selling rare books, then having a domain name such as www.rare-books.co.uk will help get you a higher rank in search engines. Try and use a maximum of one hyphen and don’t repeat keywords.

Create as much relevant SEO content as you can

Try and divide it into sections – this is known as on-page SEO.

Start researching keywords

There are free tools you can use which will help you to find the right keywords for your services or products. You need to find out which combination of words get the most searches and try to target this as your primary keyword. This can also help to identify niche markets.

4 or 5 primary keywords should be used as your sub section category names

Call these your primary keywords.

Take time and carefully plan your navigation system

Have a play around until it looks and feels right. Use your primary keywords as category names and secondary keywords within the content under the relevant category names. Also, try and stay away from JavaScript navigation systems as search engines will find it harder to crawl your site.

Adjust content based on your keyword research

Don’t re-write it, just adjust it slightly to be more readable by search engines. The most important factor to consider is to write it for humans and not Google bots. Make your keywords bold/italic a couple of times but no more than 3 (or Google will ignore bold words after that) and add a link back to your homepage using your chosen keyword as your anchor text. DO NOT be tempted to make it unreadable just for SEO purposes by ‘keyword stuffing’ – this will do you no justice and make your articles read unnaturally. Your keyword density wants to be between 5 and 10%.

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