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Bradford Web Design Search Engine Optimisation Basics

SEO Basics for Bradford Web Design

If you have an existing website but are frustrated that it isn’t generating the traffic you would like, use the tips in this article to help you on your way. SEO is a bit of a dark art, there are subtle differences between things that do and things that don’t work when trying to optimise your site. You may need to hire an SEO company to give you real results if your keywords are competitive but if you are operating in a niche market and the competition isn’t too great for your chosen keywords then this guide should help you to start climbing up the search engine rankings and hopefully drive more traffic to your website – after all, who wants a website that nobody ever sees!?

Basic Steps to Start With

It doesn’t matter whether you are optimising for niche words like Bradford web design or general national results like photo books UK, the steps you need to take to get your SEO campaign up and running are all the same. Use the points below to get underway:

  1. Make sure your keyword is in your head title
  2. Make sure your keyword is in the body of your page
  3. When writing your homepage text make sure your keyword density is between 5-10% and now and then make your keywords bold or italic, you can also use your keyword as anchor text for a link to your homepage
  4. Go through your site and slightly change your text and info so it contains a good amount of keywords – not too much though, again stick to 5-10%
  5. Start writing content and articles and use the points above in your articles, this will bring fresh new content to your website and search engines love it!

Once you have taken these steps it will take Google 2-3 weeks to pick up the changes, keep a note of the before and after position results and hopefully you will have gained a few places.

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