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Web Design Bradford Ė Choosing Web Designers? Trust Your Gut Feeling

Web Design Bradford Ė Local Companies

There are a lot of web designers in Bradford so choosing the correct one to design and develop your new website can sometimes be challenging. This article is designed to guide you through the selection process and questions you need to ask your potential web design company.

Questions to Ask

1. What experience do you have in the industry? 2. How long have you been trading? 3. How many websites have you produced? 4. What is your customer service policy? 5. Do you offer any aftercare? 6. Are there any hidden costs?

Things you Need to See

Ask them for 3 examples of site they have produced that are similar to what you want, also ask them for customer testimonials and references. Itís important to ask for these things so that you donít go into it blind, there are some good sales people around and will always tell you how great they are but until you see proof of work they have already done and seen written comments from their customers you can never assume they are as good as the sales person is telling you they are.

What Else Can they Bring to the Table?

Ask what other services they offer and whether they could include any of this in the price for the website. For example we do some basic SEO on every site we produce, a lot of other companies charge for this but we feel that itís all part of the service, after all, why would we want to produce a stunning website for nobody to ever see it!

Web Designers in Bradford Ė Our Recommendation

This one is really simple Ė Web design Bradford? Evolve Web Solutions! Bet you didnít see that one coming did you ;-)

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