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Choosing a Web Designer

Choosing a professional web design company can be a difficult task. We have complied our 5 top tips into this article to help you make the correct decision.

Have a look at their website

Does it stand out? Does the web design element look pleasing to the eye? Take note of how their site navigates and read the content - is it useful information or pointless content?

Look at their web design portfolio

Each web design company will have their own personal style. If none of the sites on their portfolio donít catch your eye it doesnít mean they canít produce a site that you will find stunning but it will be a good indication of their style.

Ask for links of sites they have done

Try to look past the web design when viewing these; you covered that when looking at their portfolio. More importantly, see how the site navigates and look at how useful the features of the website are.

Look for a designer who can write code from scratch

There are a lot of designers who install and modify ready made templates. While this can produce nice sites (and we would never talk bad of other web design professionals), Evolve do not work like this. All of our sites are coded from scratch by a senior web development engineer - it takes more time but the quality tends to be much better and if a client needs additional features at a later date we can add bits of code to the original website. Template web designers generally canít code so would not be able to do this.

Customer Service

Try and have a chat with one of their customer service representatives as this will give you a good indication of how professional the web design company are. Ask questions and arrange a meeting. Always obtain a detailed quotation and more importantly trust your gut feeling when making the final decision. This is probably the best tip we can give you!

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