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When you are seeking a supplier for a particular product or service, do you always look for local companies first?

Supporting local businesses will always be an important part of the local economy. If you run a business, would you rather trade in a commerce rich area? Of course you would, so buying products or services from businesses in your area will help the local economy and in turn your own business.

There is also a chance of reciprocal trade when dealing with local companies. They would be quicker to recommend you to a potential client if you have already dealt with them when purchasing their products.

Your local Chamber of Commerce is always a good place to start when looking for a reliable, trustworthy and local supplier. There is nearly always a directory of companies on the Chambers' website and it's worth going through this to find the service you need.

There are also practical advantages to choosing a local company. If you're looking for a web designer for example, then being nearby makes it easier to arrange meetings or if you're looking to place work with a printing company then signing off hard copy proofs is a whole lot easier as you don't have to rely on the postal system. This becomes essential when dealing with urgent jobs.

Here at Evolve, we always try to buy local - we use companies based in Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire. We encourage you to do the same - whatever area you're from, try to support your local economy as much as you can. Of course this isn't always possible - maybe you can't source a particular product or service in your area but always do your research on the company you're going to use and remember than when possible - buy local!

To find companies in Bradford, try the Bradford Chamber of Commerce website for a list of reliable suppliers. Evolve Web Solutions are hoping to become members of the Chamber in early 2010.

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